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You can find here all the details about this 1:2 Large Scale RC Para glider. With its wingspan of 6.5 mtr it has the same flight characteristics as the real one. In flight there is little difference to the real one, it has confused more than once real paraglider pilots. It’s distinguish design and yet robust frame in the shape of a Trike gives this model a extra attractive look. With just a 3 channel digital RC transmitter for de servo’s left and right and the motor is the whole setup simple and without any technical fuss.

This model is available in two versions, electric drive and a IC (26 cc 2-stroke) drive.


Flying is easy and relaxed. The canopy with its wingspan at 6.5 mtr (flat out) gives this model very stable flight properties. Even inexperienced or even just started RC pilots can fly with this model. Thanks to the low flying speed there is enough time to correct steering errors.

Visibility on a greater distance or height is good because of the large wingspan and the very recognizable shape. Despite of its large wingspan the model keeps its ability to maneuver on a tight spot. Turning can be very sharp, even over a wingtip as a center of the turn. Accurate maneuvering along field borders or between obstacles are easy. All these characteristics makes flying until after the twilight possible.

Take off and landings are easy, see the movies below on this site. In short, if you are looking for an easy and durable “Large Scale” model for long hours of flying fun, than this is the one.

09-09-2015 Webshop updated with Trike 1:2 and Trike 1:4